Business on the internet and video marketing

Business on the internet video marketing

Video Marketing: Top Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Use It
If you are a small business owner trying to boost sales, make your marketing campaign more effective and attract more customers online then you probably know the importance of digital marketing. But do you focus on video marketing?

Video marketing can be considered the future and present of digital marketing. You do not want to miss the large audience searching for videos and information on YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google.

If you want to know the key benefits of using videos in your marketing campaign, then these are the main reasons you should be aware of:

Video marketing and online business

  • Over 75 million people watch videos online daily in the US
  • Most people use their mobile phones to access information online
  • Over 80% of people watch videos on major social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook
  • YouTube is a massive potential market for your business with over 1 billion users
  • Videos get more engagement than text ads. More engagement can lead to more web traffic and sales, also it can help you build brand awareness
  • You can create both educational and promotional videos. A series of educational videos about your business and business services providing value such as tips, advice or practical solutions to questions consumers ask can help you build both backlinks and a reputation online. This can increase your sales and build trust to your audience.
  • You can deliver a personal message, differentiate your voice from competition and encourage social shares on major social media platforms.
  • Being interactive. Videos can capture the attention of many potential buyers who do not read long copies of text. A funny or animated video can capture the attention of buyers more easily than a text copy.
  • You can position your brand and small business as an authority or expert and attract advertisers building a second source of revenue. You can use this additional revenue for more marketing and promotional purposes or simply invest to grow your small business quicker.

These are some of the major reasons why you should use videos for the marketing campaigns online of your online business, small business, internet business.

Business on the internet

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