Business has a cost

Business has a cost to make money with it

Any business,online business,internet business has a cost.
We laugh when someone wants to perform business on the internet for no cost at all.For example someone wants to pay a freelancer writer to write an article for 1000 words and pay less or maximum 5 dollars.Does your time and energy worth only 5 dollars to write 1000 words?Our time does not.It costs a lot.

Business on the internet is about professionalism and a lot of fools

Yes being a fool is not nice.Pay only 5 dollars for a 1000 word article is stupid and funny.It is idiotic.We would charge at least 100 US dollars,not 5.Why?because we make business on the internet with highest ethics and for maximum profit.And we have the qualifications.A lot of them.We respect our time and effort.

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