Business fundraising


Business and marketing. I have several blogs that want to turn them into business ideas to make money and make a difference. It will be a startup with a focus on hot business niche markets:

Stock market, investing, education
Make money online niche
The funds will be used for the following purposes:

Marketing and advertising, SEO. Some of them are up and running having a business and marketing momentum. Why join me?

You will get shares for this project and will participate in future business profitability and expansion. The Internet is a great place for business and making money online. This is a complete business plan, with initial funding at 200,000 Euros for 6 different business ideas, ready to start making money with the investment on SEO, and digital marketing. The plan is to build something very big, something unique, creative, and profitable. You will not fund a project, you will become a shareholder in it.

If you want to become an online entrepreneur, come and join me. Let’s build a great business online today.

Here is the business fundraising link.

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