Business and activism

Business,money and activism

Do you have any interest in business and activism?Or in business,marketing and social values?

There are many forms of activism and successful efforts to promote mainly a social, political, economic, or environmental change globally.But why is this really so important and sometimes exciting?

The answer is not a simple one.From making a difference to the world,to becoming a better person the pursuit of inner perfection is both a challenge and a tough road to success.What is certain though is the fact that new forms of activism like internet activism,student activism ,youth activism ,‎media activism exist and any person will be able to pick the concept that fits to his or her personality.

Will it be a social, political or economic importance?It depends.Will it be global or local?Will it consume a lot of time on a daily basis and will someone get paid?Or activism will bring some fame,publicity,online or offline visibility and possible open new opportunities?Any marketing or business opportunities like writing a book?

Maybe one of the explanations about activism on a community level is the fact that it is not suitable for everybody.It is like to decision to quit smoking or go on a healthy diet requires determination,persistence,dedication and the ability or even capability to try different things and even go against popular beliefs.

The recent movement Occupy Wall Street is a typical example of an activism, a financial and business one.Is stock market bad or greedy?Why do people lose money investing in stocks?What causes transfer of wealth from investors to the brokers?And is it popular,trendy or just an act of doing nothing more than expressing freely your thoughts,even if the results will be minimal in most cases?

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