4 Hot Business And Marketing Seo Trends In 2016

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According to Links Management there are 4 hot business and marketing trends in 2016.

1.Social Networks. Google will index more and more content from social network. Facebook or Twitter gain more popularity in 2016. Content published there will have the same relevance as the content from other trusted websites. Web research showed that almost 80% of marketers use social media to boost their rankings and traffic.

2.Video content picks up steam. Videos are perfect to entertain your visitors and increase traffic. Video content will be as much popular as written one – Periscope and Meercat show that video is a new trend. Keep up with the times and let video content blow away your audience.

3.Mobile optimization. Desktop days are gone. Now it’s the era of mobiles – tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. Majority of well-known brands already became mobile-friendly in 2015. Keep up with them!

4.Voice Search. Many people spend a huge part of their day on the go. It’s comfortless to type in motion. That is why vocal search is a super convenient thing. This trend impacts keywords. Long-tail keywords will gain popularity as queries are more and more based on them.

Use these tips to promote your business on the internet and make money online with seo and marketing.

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