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I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.
Leonardo da Vinci

Why is translation important in business?

Business translation advantages

Not everybody in the world actually speaks English, Spanish, German or Chinese. A large global audience exists as business, or online business opportunities exist beyond the so called ultimate frontier, the common language of business such as English. There is hardly any doubt that a large opportunity to reach out to markets other than the English-speaking ones, with the help of translation services actually exists and can be profitable for any type of business, small business or even a global business.

The main advantages of business communication in English. Translation services helps in cutting across language barriers and interacting with people in such countries. More business opportunities exist.

3.Technical translation is necessary. Many companies have very technical text with the need to be translated. Business products many times use technical manuals, and product brochures. Translation helps convert technical documentation into various languages.

4.Cultural knowledge is widely transferred, not being a monopoly of only one market. From Bollywood to Hollywood and to more specialized types of movies, subtitles are essential for a broader audience to watch these films which have a native language other than English.

The tourism industry is a major business sector which can benefit from professional translation services. A country even in an isolated place on earth can gain publicity, tourists and more income out of the blue if for example a report is made for its natural beauties making it a popular tourist destination.

Finally each business must invest time and money to translation services. The cost may be significant, but it is an investment well paid with a potential huge return in profits over time.

How to apply an effective ecommerce pricing strategy for any type of business to maximize the profitability

How to apply an effective ecommerce pricing strategy for any type of business to maximize the profitability

A few ideas on how to use effectively an ecommerce pricing strategy for any online business.

5 ideas on building an effective ecommerce pricing strategy for any business,online business:

1.Develop from the start your own USP (Unique Selling Point).

2.Discounts and offers are always a hot topic for the majority of consumers.

3.Free goods are another classic way to boost sales and gain the most valuable virtue for any type of business, the loyalty and trust of the customers.

4.Let the customers pay what they want of make an offer and bargain on the price.

5.Technology solutions such as chat-bots, artificial intelligence, and investment in marketing, advertising expenses are not only essential but should be integrated in the pricing strategy.

Ecommmerce and business

In this article we presented several ideas on ecommerce and pricing options strategies for any business, online business, business on the internet.

Top 3 Ecommerce Pricing Strategies for any online business

There are numerous online business ideas, and one top idea to start an online business is to spend enough of time in ecommerce pricing strategies.
Is ecommerce pricing the main focus of any online business? The truth is from a business point of view online pricing really matters. Here are some important statistics on ecommerce prices:
• More than %60 of online shoppers worldwide considers ecommerce pricing as the very first criteria affecting their buying decision. In emerging ecommerce markets, consumers care about online prices even more.
• Around %90 of ecommerce shoppers are quite fluent about hunting deals and invest time for that before deciding on the web-shop where they will shop. This time for ecommerce price comparison is measured to be around 10 minutes per every item purchased.
Price Comparison Engines are a key part of ecommerce marketing stack, as they constitute around % 20 of ecommerce traffic for all sorts of product categories. Obviously this ratio is even higher for product categories where online prices are even more important, and the shopper persona is naturally more price-sensitive, for example, in consumer electronics ecommerce.

There are many ecommerce pricing strategies. Some are mentioned below:

1. Cost-oriented ecommerce pricing

Any ecommerce company active in any product category should at least be aware of its costs and at least should have cost-oriented pricing as one of its ecommerce pricing strategies (rather a simplistic one) under its belt.

This ecommerce pricing approach requires the company to be able write down its unit product costs for each of its products in its portfolio, and then set a target profit margin for each of those products and price the products as the sum of the unit costs and the target margin.
It may sound and seem too obvious but it’s really shocking to see how so many ecommerce companies lose track of its unit costs and fail to even apply this strategy and completely miss the balance between its unit costs and product prices.
The main reason behind this miss is that the unit cost that we are talking about here, is not a given in any business environment, and it should be deducted in parallel with the operations within the company. In other words, the unit product cost is not only the cost that an ecommerce company pay for the supplier of that product on a unit basis but it’s actually more than that.

2. Market-oriented ecommerce pricing

An ecommerce company, like any other company from any industry, is not alone doing business in its market. There are tons of companies active in the same industry, around 12 million to be more exact. As part of this 12 million, each company active in any country in any product category, directly competes with several direct competitors.

3. Consumer-oriented ecommerce pricing

In every aspect of ecommerce, customer-centricity should come first above anything else, and pricing decision making is not an exception to that.
To offer perfectly tailored price-points to its shoppers, any ecommerce company should be easily and clearly answering these 2 questions:
• What is my shop’s unique selling proposition? – Do I mostly deliver a hard to find value and satisfy my customers, of do I deliver them a value that can be found elsewhere at the right price points?
• Who are my customers? – How do their minds work while shopping my products and is it their heart or their mind speaking while buying my product?

The approaches that we shared here are the 3 core pricing approaches that you can focus on for marketing and business purposes.

Business and marketing

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Business quote from Steve Jobs

A great business quote from Steve Jobs.

Business quote

Business and team work

Marketing, sales, entrepreneurship all need great business ideas, business plans, business advertising, but without a great team work it is hard to succeed. Business on the internet is tough and challenging to make money.

Business 3 Internet of Things Trends to Watch in 2018

Business and Internet of Things

An article on 3 Internet of Things Trends to Watch in 2018, for life,business and marketing.
According to Inc 3 Internet of Things Trends to Watch in 2018 are:
3.Smarter Cities

These trends can be useful for business,marketing and money purposes.Blockchain technology is gaining momentum as a business opportunity.

Top 6 important factors to help you choose an online business affiliate marketing opportunity

Top 6 important factors to help you choose an online business affiliate marketing opportunity

An online business is a great way for someone to get exposure to business practices, marketing, advertising and search engine marketing, search engine optimization with the ultimate goal of making money, improving the personal finances and applying an entrepreneurial spirit.

There are many online business opportunities to choose from, but these are the top 6 factors to focus on, when making a due diligence on which business model and opportunity to start with.

1.       Time of online business presence

2.       Reviews

3.       Customer care

4.       Marketing and business goals

5.       Support from other team members

6.       Training resources

As no one is born a businessman or businesswoman some analysis of the key factors follows.

1.       Time of online business is important as established companies are more reliable in general. A business model tested over time is considered trustworthy, something that adds up with reviews, real not fake reviews.

2.       Reviews help both customers and potential new online business investors decide if the business model of any opportunity is indeed good, moderate or bad. Yes reviews can be sometimes misleading, but searching online for good reviews and finding none for a specific business opportunity should be worrying for new affiliate marketing participants.

3.       Customer care is of top importance as the main business is all about sales, offers, marketing and customer satisfaction. If you sell any real goods, or digital goods, then logistics and online support for customers is vital. Satisfied customers are often becoming loyal customers, meaning more opportunities to generate additional money from them in the future.

4.       If there are no proven or available marketing tools, resources for any affiliate marketing opportunity, then things get difficult for new members to promote the main goods or services online or offline. An analytical business model with marketing, advertising, tools and resources will save time, effort and stress when deciding about the first steps for making money online.

5.       Support from other members and help. In almost all cases the affiliate network online business opportunities rely on helping new members as much as possible.  Where to send or post marketing links, how to send emails that sell, how to deal with objections, how do members and when actually get paid, are fundamental questions that need to be answered from the very beginning.

6.       Training material on everything. From marketing tips, to templates and how to use effectively advertising resources, so as to have a more effective business on the internet.

 An online business is all about finance, business, money and lifestyle. There are many options, our guide and tips is a start for future entrepreneurs online.

An online business to make money online.

online business

Business and marketing creativity

Business creativity

Business and marketing need creativity and originality.